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Protecting the oceans one pair of shorts at a time

Caring for your SVIM shorts

When cared for properly, SVIM shorts will last for many years. We recommend a gentle, low-impact approach.

Unfortunately, when you wash anything made from synthetics (even if it's recycled), it sheds microfibers that can be pollutants if they end up in the ocean.

Here are some simple environmentally-conscious tips on how to care for your SVIM shorts.

1. Rinse your shorts in cold water to shed fewer microfibers.

2. Use an all-natural biodegradable soap, such as Dr. Bronners Tea Tree to spot-clean only necessary areas. It's much better for your SVIM shorts and the environment than those chemical-packed detergents or bleach.

3. Slip your SVIM shorts into a Guppyfriend washing bag designed to keep any loose microfibers from entering the water in your washing machine (we will have our own soon so keep an eye out for those). It keeps our ocean water clean and provides more care for your shorts.

4. Make sure to cold rinse your SVIM shorts after each swim, even if you didn't go into the water.

5. Skip the dryer and hang dry your SVIM shorts. Avoid direct sunlight and lay your shorts flat in a cool, dry place for a drying method that requires zero energy.

6. Ensure you have more than one pair of SVIM shorts so you can rotate them when you next hit the pool or beach.