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From Plastic to Fantastic

 “By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish”
Ellen MacArthur Foundation

At SVIM, we are doing all we can to protect our precious planet, one pair of shorts at a time. We are sick of seeing plastic bags floating in the sea or washing up on the beach.

We are proud to say that we make your SVIM shorts from 100% recycled polyester produced from 10 plastic bottles each. That's plastic that was spared from ending up in a landfill or on the beach, helping to give a second use to single-use plastics #secondchance.

Plastic bottles are passed through a series of steps of cleaning and crushing to obtain plastic flakes. The flakes are then melted to form pellets before being extruded into RPET yarn. The RPET yarn is then woven and developed into the fabrics that we use in SVIM shorts as part of our ongoing environmental sustainability push.

Thinking responsibility and ethically to produce swimwear men can enjoy doesn't stop there. We also ship in a recyclable kraft box and protect your shorts in a water soluble bag and mailed in a compostable bag. The garment tag and stickers are made from FSC sustainable paper.

How to dispose of the water soluble bag
Boil water to 80c. Place the bag in a cup or bowl and pour over the water. Stir. In just a few minutes the bag will dissolve. You can then safely pour it down the drain, leaving no dangerous microplastics behind.


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